Speculative Literature Foundation Newsletter – No. 18

SLF Newsletter                                          No. 18                              July 2005

In this issue:
New site additions

Editor’s Note: The monthly site additions like those below
consist of material collected by members of the WebContent
Committee and compiled and organized by Shannan Palma, our
WebContent Coordinator. However, all of you are welcome to
submit information for inclusion, so if you have information
about anything you think would be useful to teachers, scholars,
writers or readers of speculative literature, please feel
free to submit it to coord@speculativeliterature.org.

* Website Additions:


Science Fiction Research Database:


Bibliography of secondary sources in the Holland Library at
Washington State University.


Worlds of Fantasy Online:


Resources for teaching and learning about Alice in Wonderland,
The Wizard of Oz, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


ElectricStory: www.electricstory.com

Bob Kruger, Publisher; Kathryn Haines, Managing Editor. “An eBook
technology company focusing on speculative fiction. We publish a
few quality titles each year; sell our books and those of other
publishers that we think would be of interest to fans and writers
of fantasy, science fiction, and horror; and develop software
tools to help authors and publishers create and promote
electronic books.
Offers free eBook downloads.


Fantasy and the Imagination:


Annotated bibliography created by kids.


Best SF: www.bestsf.net

Mark Watson’s personal opinion site features his reviews of
magazine fiction and anthologies from past and present in Best SF
Reviews (this is a database of many hundreds of books and
stories); the Best SF Gateway has over 500 links to short fiction


Magazine is an on-line publication that focuses on science-
fiction written by African-American high-school students or with
African-American content. No one is excluded based on race. For
more information contact Rahwa Habte at Tel: 206-323-4032; E-
mail: info@cdforum.org. Published by The Central District Forum
for Arts & Ideas.

Dargon Magazine: http://www.dargonzine.org/ad_google.html

Non-commercial e-zine featuring collaborative fantasy stories by
amateur authors.

Fantastic Metropolis: www.fantasticmetropolis.com

Luis Rodrigues, Editor-in-chief; Mike Simanoff, Assistant editor.
Fiction, non-fiction, interviews, editorials, art. Submissions
should be addressed to submissions@fantasticmetropolis.com with
the title in the subject line and contributions included as one
or more attachments in either RTF or Word format. Use standard
manuscript format and include a brief bio; images should be sent
in JPEG, GIF or PNG files, between 320 and 1024 pixels wide.

MarsDust: the fandom lifestyles zine: www.marsdust.com

A magazine of fiction and non-fiction; publishes a limited number
of SF/F/H stories and book excerpts, but focus is on news,
reviews and feature stories about genre entertainment: movies,
books, television shows, music, games, and conventions.
Submissions should be sent as e-mail attachments in ASCII format
to submissions@marsdust.com.


Boing Boing: http://boingboing.net

Mark Frauenfelder, Xeni Jardin, Cory Doctorow, David Pescovitz,
and John Battelle, co-editors.

Charlie’s Diary: http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blosxom.cgi

Personal commentary by Charlie Stross.

Futurismic: http://futurismic.com

Jeremy Lyon is founder of and contributor to this site that
features blogs, essays, and fiction. Christopher East is Fiction
Editor and contributor. Other contributors are Judith Berman,
Tobias Buckell, Alan Lattimore and Brian Wanamaker. Interested in
new contributors.
Pays flat $100 for SF fiction.

The Mumpsimus: http://mumpsimus.blogspot.com/

Matthew Cheney’s blog site. Nominated for special World Fantasy
Award in 2005.

SFSignal: http://www.sfsignal.com

Begun by JP and John, with friends who contribute occasionally.
News, reviews, comment on wide variety of genre-related subjects.

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