the SLF wants you

Really! We do. We’re actively looking for volunteers.

We know what you’re thinking: more work, no pay. Yesss…but think of all the great things you would be doing for the world. For instance, you would:

–help create a better public appreciation of speculative fiction

–help fellow writers connect and hone their craft

–promote literary quality in speculative fiction by supporting quality small presses and emerging writers

–help shape the vision of the SLF

…plus you get to gain valuable experience working for a non-profit and put that extra line on your resume!

Grant Administrators

Here’s your chance to hand out money! Each year the SLF awards two grants of $800 and $750. The Grant Administrators keep track of the incoming applications and help choose the winning entries. There is usually a flurry of activity near the grant deadlines in March and September, and then peace and calm the rest of the year.

SLF Blog Coordinator

We’re looking for someone who loves to keep up with the latest in the field of speculative fiction. The Blog-Master would keep the SLF blog active by posting a couple of times a week about issues relevant to writers, agents, editors and readers of speculative fiction. He/she could also solicit posts from a group of guest bloggers that have agreed to post periodically.

PR Coordinator
The easy part of being the PR Coordinator is sending out press releases to an email list several times a year. The challenging and most fun part is forging connections in the SF community to raise awareness of the SLF. This is a very social position. If you love going to conventions and talking with other writers, editors and fans of SF, this might be the job for you.

Mentorship Program Director
The Mentorship Program is a six-week program designed to facilitate new and intermediate writers connecting with more established writers. The Program Director helps solicit mentors, assigns writers to the program, and sets up online discussion areas. Discussions range from the craft of writing, to publication, to current SF gossip. According to our previous Director, it’s a lot of fun and not much work once the conversation ball is rolling.

Classifieds Coordinator
The SLF is launching a Classifieds area on the website to bring together writers, readers, editors and publishers to trade information and services in the field of speculative fiction. The Classifieds Coordinator acts as the point of contact for questions about the classifieds and spreads the word in the writing community about the classifieds and vets ads/posts. The coordinator also works with the SLF website manager to update the site as needed.

Membership Coordinator
Like the PR Coordinator, the person in this job can make good use of social networking skills to garner interest in the SLF. The less interesting part of the job is keeping track of who is a member, but this is made very easy by the excellent database programs written by our webmasters.

Fundraising Assistant
This person will work closely with Mary Anne Mohanraj on fundraising for the SLF. Past avenues of fundraising have included readings, sponsorships from organizations, donations from individuals, and SLF memberships. The person would help in continuing these efforts, as well as possibly applying for grants or thinking up new creative fundraising ideas!

If you’re interested in any of these positions, contact Mary Anne Mohanraj at

  1. #1 by Lynn - August 13th, 2010 at 18:37

    Sounds like a great opportunity for the right person. I don’t know much about speculative fiction, but I know it’s popular with many aspiring authors.

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

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