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Welcome to the second 2008 Newsletter
Denvention/WorldCon in Denver, Colorado
Gulliver Travel Research Grant – September Deadline
SLF Older Writers Grant 2008 Results
October Fund Drive
Foundation Seeks Volunteer Staffers

Welcome to the second 2008 SLF Newsletter
Welcome to the second 2008 SLF Newsletter! While this year has flown by, the SLF has been busy. In this issue, we have updates on SLF grants and awards, as well as news about the foundation and our members’ most recent publications. As a reminder, the September 30th submission deadline for the Gulliver Travel Research Grant is swiftly approaching. When you have the chance, be sure to check out the SLF Forums on our website. Also, several volunteer positions are currently available. If you’d like to become more active with the foundation, please consider applying. As always, we appreciate your continued support of the SLF!

Denvention/WorldCon in Denver, Colorado
In August, SLF had a dealers table with seven authors and presses represented at the 66th World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado. Corie Ralston, the SLF Managing Director, and Colin Harvey staffed the table and sold a total of 34 titles. They met lots of interesting people and had a great time. SLF plans to have a table at the next WorldCon in Montreal, Canada, as well as WisCon and the World Fantasy Convention in 2009.
Gulliver Travel Research Grant – September Deadline
The September 30, 2008 deadline to submit proposals for the Gulliver Travel Research grant is nearly upon us. It is our pleasure to announce that this year, the annual SLF travel grant has been increased to 800 dollars. SLF awards this grant to assist writers of speculative fiction, poetry, drama or creative nonfiction in their research by covering airfare, lodging and/or other travel expenses.

Learn full details on how to apply for the grant here. For additional inquiries, the PR Coordinator is Ashley Gronek at press@speculativeliterature.org.
SLF Older Writers Grant 2008 Results
The fifth annual Older Writers Grant in 2008 has been awarded to Deborah Roggie. Her stories have been published in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Realms of Fantasy, andEidolon, anthologized in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, as well as The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. Grant Administrator Malon Edwards said of Roggie’s entry, The Puzzle Tree: “From the beginning, the reader is thoroughly taken with the witch Tamana Sorn. She’s kind, strong-willed but flawed, and extremely intelligent.”

Learn full details about the grant here. For additional inquiries, the PR Coordinator is Ashley Gronek at press@speculativeliterature.org.

October Fund Drive
The SLF is gearing up for a Fund Drive in October. Get ready to donate and receive lots of cool prizes! The funds we raise will go toward grants and awards for writers, tables for the small presses at conventions and increasing public awareness of the amazing, vast landscape of speculative fiction.
Foundation Seeks Volunteer Staffers
If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following positions, or have any questions about the positions, please contact the SLF Director Mary Anne Mohanraj at director@speculativeliterature.org.

Mentorship Program Director
SLF is looking for a Program Director for the Mentorship Program. This six-week program helps new and intermediate writers connect with more established writers to discuss all aspects of writing: craft, publication and all other burning writing-related questions. The Program Director helps solicit mentors, assigns writers to the program, and sets up online discussion areas. According to our previous Director, it’s a lot of fun and not much work once the conversation ball is rolling.

Classifieds Coordinator
SLF is launching a Classifieds area on the website to bring together writers, readers, editors and publishers to trade information and services in the field of speculative fiction. The SLF is looking for a volunteer to manage this section of the site. The coordinator acts as the point of contact for questions about the classifieds and spreads the word in the writing community about the classifieds, vets ads/posts, and works with the SLF website manager to update the site as needed.

Grant Readers Needed
The number of submissions for the Travel Grant and Older Writers Grant has been steadily increasing. While this is definitely a good thing, we now have the need for readers to help out with reviewing and evaluating grant submissions. If you are interested, please email Mary Anne Mohanraj at director@speculativeliterature.org or Corie Ralston at CYRalston@sff.net.

Read on for details about our SLF members’ most recent publications and speculative fiction news.
Gregory Bernard Banks was recently interviewed in Fantasy Magazine about how disability is portrayed in Science Fiction and Fantasy, which is available on the Fantasy Magazine website. Most recently, Greg has also had a couple of stories reach numbers “1″ and “2″ in several speculative fiction categories at Amazon Shorts. These stories are: ”The Summoner” and ”Law of the Land”.

Jennifer Dawson’s Flash Me Magazine, is having a fund drive that lasts through October. The magazine accepts donations in any dollar amount. Certain dollar amounts bring instant rewards, while other prizes will be awarded through a drawing at the end of the fund drive. Every donor’s name will be entered into the drawing. Visit Flash Me Magazine for more information, including a list of prizes. Also, Flash Me Magazine will have a table at the 2008 World Fantasy Convention in Calgary, Canada. If you plan to attend WFC this year, make plans to stop by and see the FMM staff! As an aside, Jennifer’s YA story, “Not Quite As It Seems,” was recently published in the Beyond Centauri July 2008 issue.

David Lunde has a book coming out this Fall 2008 published by White Pine Press calledBreaking the Willow, which is a collection of translations of Classical Chinese poetry. He is currently collaborating with Mary Fung on a collection of Chinese Zen poems, and with Mike Farman on the 300 Tang Poems anthology. He also participated in the North Coast Authors’ Fair in Lincoln City along with his wife, Patricia McKillip.
Patricia McKillip is the winner of the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award this year along with the husband and wife artist team of Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon. The awards will be presented to the recipients at the World Fantasy Convention.

Mary Anne Mohanraj had a wonderful time teaching at Clarion this past summer; she misses her students! She recently started a new job as a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, teaching fiction writing and Asian-American literature. Mary Anne also taught a writing workshop out of her home this past summer, as well as an online workshop; she’s tentatively planning on teaching another online workshop in December; watch Mary Anne’s website for details. Her most recent sale is the short story “Sequins” toTumbarumba, a collaborative project of writer Benjamin Rosenbaum and artist Ethan Ham.

Douglas Smith, the award-winning Canadian author, will have his first collection of short fiction, Impossibilia, published this Fall 2008 by the UK press PS Publishing. For further details and/or to order limited jacketed hardcover and hardcover editions, check out Doug’s website .
Lyssa Thorne has a book planned to be released at the end of this year called Embers of the Past published by Double Dragon Publishing, Inc. Her first novel published by DDP came out in January 2007, called Between World and Space.
Tony Thorne has a new flash fiction story in Alien Skin called ”The Potting Shed”. For additional publications and news, check out Tony Thorne’s website.

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