Speculative Literature Foundation Newsletter – No. 24

In this issue:

  • Welcome to the first 2008 Newsletter
  • SLF Older Writers Grant and 2007 Results
  • The Gulliver Travel Research Grant and 2007 Results
  • Awards in the Field
  • Participation in the SLF Small Press Co-operative
  • Re-launching the SLF Forums
  • SLF Seeks Volunteer Staffers
  • Meeting New Members of the SLF Staff
  • New Anthology Available

Welcome to the first 2008 SLF Newsletter

Welcome to the first 2008 SLF Newsletter! You may not have seen us in a while, but this year promises to bring the full return of the SLF, with many new staff additions and a revitalization of several programs, including the

Mentorship Program and the Fountain Award. We are also re-launching the forums and are planning on opening a Classifieds section of the website. To help us in our mission, we have several new volunteer positions open (see below). Thank you for your continuing support of the SLF!

–Corie Ralston, SLF Managing Director

SLF Older Writers Grant

The final day for submitting 2008 applications for the fifth annual Older

Writers Grant closed today, March 31, and this year’s winner will be announced June 1, 2008. The grant is intended to assist writers who are fifty years of age or older at the time of grant application, and who are just starting to work at a professional level. One 750 dollar grant is offered, to be used as the writer determines will best assist his or her work. Learn full details about the grant here. http://www.speculativeliterature.org/Grants/SLFOlderWriters.php.

2007 SLF Older Writers Grant Results

The fourth annual Older Writers Grant was awarded to Hilary Wilce, journalist

and writer. Grant Administrator Malon Edwards said of Wilce’s entry, /After

Beauville the Road Changed/, “The reader is immediately thrust into a

deliciously creepy story from the onset. A subtle, macabre atmosphere is set

with excellent imagery, which includes a decrepit house sitting on untended

grounds and unsettling, disturbed children. This is a rural French countryside few see, and none ever want to see again.” More details here


The Gulliver Travel Research Grant

One SLF travel grant of 600 dollars is awarded annually to assist writers

(speculative fiction, poetry, drama, creative nonfiction) in their research by covering airfare, lodging and/or other travel expenses. Travel grant

applications will be considered from July 1 through September 30, 2008. Learn

full details on how to apply for the grant here.


2007 Travel Research Grant Results

The Travel Research Grant was awarded to author Matt Hughes for travel to

Seville, Ecuador, to research records concerning the Spanish Inquisition and

the history of a local family for a historical novel with elements of magical

realism. Hughes’ novels have been published by Warner Aspect, Tor, the Science Fiction Book Club, Night Shade Books, Pocket Books, PS Publishing, Robert J. Sawyer Books, Maxwell Macmillan Canada, and Doubleday Canada. More details here


Awards in the Field

2008 Crawford Fantasy Award

The winner of the 2008 Crawford Fantasy Award is Christopher Barzak for his

first novel,/One for Sorrow/ (Bantam). Sponsored by the International

Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, the award recognizes an outstanding first book of fantasy published during the preceding year and is presented at the association’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida. Other titles on this year’s shortlist included: Laird Barron, /The Imago Sequence/ (Night Shade); Ron Currie, Jr., /God is Dead/ (Viking); Ellen Klages, /Portable Childhoods/ (Tachyon); and Ysabeau Wilce, /Flora Segunda/ (Harcourt).


Participation in the SLF Small Press Co-operative

The SLF Small Press Co-operative offers a unique opportunity for small presses within the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres to co-operate on projects and exchange useful information. Membership is currently free. All that SLF asks is that members place a small, 100 x 100 pixel button on their websites (when applicable). Jennifer Dawson is updating members’ information, so please let her know if your listing needs to be added or updated. Members can also contact Jennifer at webcoord@speculativeliterature.org with suggestions for content and/or programs the SLF Small Press Co-operative should consider offering. We also encourage all Small Press Co-operative

members to become institutional members of the SLF. More details about the SLF Small Press Co-operative


Re-launching SLF Forums

The foundation has new and improved SLF Forums with lots of additional

features thanks to the work of Greg Banks. The new forums provide much more

flexibility. Among the features available with the new forums are calendars

for posting events, uploading articles with layout formatting, and many other

options, such as an image gallery. Before announcing the forums to the public, we would like to give SLF members a chance to explore the new SLF

forums. Please go to this link, register and take a look.


SLF Seeks Volunteer Staffers

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following positions, or

have any questions about the positions, please contact the SLF Director Mary

Anne Mohanraj at director@speculative literature.org.

Mentorship Program Director

This program helps beginning writers connect with, and gather advice from,

experienced writers. The Director is responsible for reviewing applications

for the program, assigning writers to mentors and setting up private

discussion areas (such as on Yahoo) for each mentor.

Fundraising Assistant

This person will help Mary Anne with fundraising for the SLF, including

arranging readings, writing grants and applying for sponsorships from


Classifieds Coordinator

We will be opening a Classifieds area on the website to bring together

writers, readers, editors and publishers to trade information and services in

the field of speculative fiction. The SLF is looking for a volunteer to manage this section of the site.

Meeting New Members of the SLF Staff

Jennifer Dawson is the new Web Content Coordinator. She has always had a love

of the written word. Her passion for reading inspired her career as a writer

and an editor. Concentrating mostly on fantasy works, she occasionally dabbles in science fiction and poetry. Her work has been published online in places like /EOTU Magazine/ and /Flashshot/. She is the owner of Winged Halo Productions <http://www.wingedhalo.com/info.html>, a web design and publishing company and Editor-in-Chief of /Flash Me Magazine/

<http://flashme.wingedhalo.com>, an online magazine for stories under 1,000

words. She currently resides with her husband and their three children in


Malon Edwards is the new Grant Administrator. Malon (pronounced May-lon) was

born and raised in Chicago. He is a Media Relations Specialist for a school

district in his home state of Illinois and also writes. He’s been reading

science fiction and astronomy books since he was eight years old, and both

fueled his desire to write, especially Frank Herbert’s/Dune/. At the

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, he majored in Rhetoric with a

Creative Writing focus. Malon has had short stories published, both

speculative fiction and literary fiction. He is also a freelance writer and

contributor to an online underground music magazine. Currently, he’s working

on a collection of short stories based in a not too distant Chicago. His wife

Anne and he have a four year old daughter and a 16 month old son.

Genevieve is also new on staff. She is an academic librarian at a small-ish

liberal arts institution in the Northwest and an occasional freelance writer.

Recently, Genevieve received her first fiction acceptance notice–the first of many, no doubt–and also writes professional and scholarly articles in her field.

Corie Ralston is the new SLF Managing Director. She is a staff scientist at

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and likes to describe herself as a “customer

support scientist.” She manages several x-ray crystallography beamlines and

helps other scientists collect x-ray data, which is used to solve protein

structures. She has always loved reading and writing speculative fiction, and

she manages to squeeze in writing time between work, karate, running and

fostering high-energy kittens. She has sold stories to /Strange

Horizons/, /Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet/, and a variety of other

venues. More details here <http://www.sff.net/people/cyralston/>

New Anthology Available

Gregory Bernard Banks, co-webmaster for the SLF, has a new book due out April

14./Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death and Life/ (2nd edition), is a newly

revised and expanded collection of 21 short stories. The book will be

published by Banks’ own WheelMan Press. In addition, WheelMan Press has

officially launched its website <http://www.wheelmanpress.com/>. It not only

serves as home for WheelMan Press, but also as a resource supporting all

independent presses and the Speculative Fiction field.

The Speculative Literature Foundation* is a volunteer-run, non-profit

organization dedicated to promoting the interests of readers, writers, editors and publishers in the speculative literature community. “Speculative

literature” is a catch-all term meant to inclusively span the breadth of

fantastic literature, encompassing literature ranging from hard and soft

science fiction to epic fantasy to ghost stories to folk and fairy tales to

slipstream to magical realism to modern mythmaking–any literature containing

a fabulist or speculative element. More information about the Speculative

Literature Foundation is available from its website

<http://www.speculativeliterature.org> or by writing to info@speculativeliterature.org.

*Newsletter information:* Suggestions, comments, and information to be

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David Lunde, Senior Editor

Rebecca Rowe, Associate Editor

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