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Speculative Literature Foundation Newsletter – No. 08

In this issue:
        Staff Intro: Dawn Burnell
        Staff Member Wins Award
        Call for volunteers
        New Tech Exchange Program
        Website Additions

*New Staff Introduction:
Hi all, my name is Dawn Burnell. I joined SLF after hearing many wonderful things about it from Mary Anne. And ’cause I’m a sucker when it comes to a good cause. I’ll be working in the development group and learning how to write grants to ask kind people for money. Looking forward to finding the funding for supporting the many valuable efforts of the SLF.

*Staff Member Wins Award:

Hearty congratulations to staff member Jay Lake, one of our Forum moderators, who has won the 2004 Campbell New Writer Award!

*Call for Volunteers from Webcontent Coordinator Shannan Palma:
We are currently looking for additional volunteers for the Web Content Committee. Please email me, if you’d like to volunteer!
Shannan :-)

*SLF Initiates New Tech Exchange Program:

SLF Technology Exchange Program

The SLF technology exchange is a new program intended to allow generous donors who have some extra tech to spare (in the form of laptops, printers, and cameras), to donate it to science fiction and fantasy writers who would appreciate having said spare items. Your old computer might be used to write a Hugo-winning novel; your old camera might be used to take research photos to lend a rich sense of place to a fabulous short
story. And by donating through the SLF (an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit), you get to claim your donation as a tax-deductible item!

Recipients are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. Flexibility in preferred brands and specifications will naturally lead to a faster match.

Simple forms on our website allow you to indicate your interest as either a donor or recipient. We will notify you as soon as we find a match. The SLF promises to keep your information confidential; donor and recipient names will not be publicized in any way on our site. The SLF is only responsible for matching up compatible interests; we will not be taking physical possession of any of the equipment, and we will be in no way held responsible for the state of the hardware/software.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the SLF Technology Exchange Program!

Our Technology Exchange Coordinator is Carmela Diosana.

*Website Additions


Duckon 15:
June 10-12, 2005. Lincolnwood, Illinois. Naperville Holiday Inn Select. Chicago-area convention, also a fund-raiser for the Golden Duck Award for Excellence in Children’s Science Fiction; they also donate money for SciTech, an interactive science museum in Aurora, IL. Direct inquiries to:


Albedo One:
Irish Spec Fic magazine for over ten years. The only Irish magazine of its kind.

Asterism: The Journal of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Space Music:
Jeff Berkwits, Editor; 3525 Lebon Drive, #201, San Diego, CA 92122-4547, Publishes reviews. "Inquire before submitting, needs are limited and quite        specific." Circ. 2001. 4/yr. 28 pp; 51/2×81/2; offset.
No payment. Copyrighted, reverts to author. NO WEBSITE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Bardic Runes:
Michael McKenny, Editor; 424 Cambridge Street South, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 4H5, Canada. Poetry, fiction, art. Traditional and high fantasy, primarily short stories. Settings are pre-industrial, either historical or imaginary. Length: 3500 wds max. Circ. 500. 2/yr. Reporting time: usually within 2 weeks. Payment: on acceptance, 1/2c wd. Copyrighted, reverts to author. Subscription price: $10.00 for 3 issues; $4.00 copy. NO WEBSITE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Black Moon Magazine:
Black Moon Publishing, Armand Rosamilia, Editor; 1385 Route 35, Suite 169, Middletown, NJ 07748. Poetry, fiction, interviews, music. Horror. "Looking for horror fiction to 3550 wds, band press kits, fanzines to review, books to review, dark poetry." 44 pp.; 81/2×11; offset. Reporting time: 2-4 wks. Payment: 1 free copy, discounts on more. Copyrighted, reverts to author. Subscription price: $24, 9 issues/yr., $3.95/copy. NO WEBSITE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

The Crescent Review:
J.T. Holland, Editor; PO Box 7959, S. Brunswick, NC 28470-7959, Publishes short stories: primarily mainstream, but also genres of mystery & myth. SASE for guidelines. No submissions in May-June or November-December. Max. wd. ct. 12,000. Circ. 2M. 3-4 yr. 160 pp.; 6×9; offset. Reporting time: 90% in 8 wks, 10% in 3 mos.Simultaneous submissions accepted. Payment: 2 copies. Copyrighted, reverts to author. 4 issues/yr. Subscription price: $21; $9/copy.

A quarterly print and online magazine for readers and writers of fantasy fiction. The first issue was released on September 15th, 2004. Gryphonwood is a paying market. Contact and submission information can be found at the website.

The Romantist:
F. Marion Crawford Memorial Society, John C. Moran, Editor; Steve Eng, Co-Editor; Jesse F. Knight, Co-Editor; Saracinesca House, 3610 Meadowbrook Ave., Nashville, TN 37205. Founded 1977. Publishes poetry, articles, art, photos, interviews, criticism, reviews, letters, long-poems, collages. Modern Romanticism, especially imaginative literature (fantasy): H. Warner Munn, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, etc., with regular section on Crawford. Circ. 300, 1 per yr. 160pp, 81/2×11, offset, letterpress. Payment: 1 copy. Copyrighted, rights do not revert, but permission to reprint given with no charge except requirement to mention first publication here. NO WEBSITE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

WRITERS (Currently says "WRITING" — Let’s change this so it matches the others, okay?)

Handy Job Hunter for Writers:
A newsletter for for researching jobs, internships, and markets for journalists, writers, students, and editors.


Black Moon Publishing:
Armand Rosamilia, 1385 Route 35, Suite 169, Middletown, NJ 07748. Poetry, fiction, interviews, music. Horror. 180 pp.; 51/2×81/2. Reporting time: 2-4 months. Payment: negotiable. Copyrights for author.

Broken Mirrors Press:
Bryan Cholfin, PO Box 1110, New York, NY 10159-1110. Founded 1998. Fiction: "I am looking for science fiction and fantasy short stories, demonstrating the highest levels of imagination and style, prefer 3-8000 words." Avg. press run 2500. Reporting time less than 1 month. Payment 10cents/wd. Format: 6X9, offset.

Dark Regions Press:
Mike Olson, Joe Morey, 30 Canyon View Drive, Orinda, CA 94563. Publishes DARK REGIONS: The Year’s Best Fantastic Fiction.


Langley, Washington retreat for women writers. Residencies also available.


"How to Write a Grant: Example": donated by Strange Horizons of how to write a grant to a non-profit convention-running organization.


Internal Revenue Service:
Check for applicable updates to tax law.

Taxes and Finances for Writers:
Suggestions for writers from a writer.

The Writer’s Pocket Tax Guide:
U.S. tax information for writers, updated annually. Published as book and CD-ROM, and distributed free on the web.

David Lunde, Senior Editor
Ariana Osborne, Associate Editor

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